Sylius is an opensource eCommerce framework based on Symfony. The solution provides all features necessary for successful growth of an eCommerce business. The architecture of the solution uses decoupled components (aka. bundles) for every main feature, making every Symfony developer feel « at home ».


This training is a complete introduction to eCommerce development with Sylius, which combines theory and practical exercises. It allows trainees start gently with Sylius, to understand its key mechanisms and latest evolutions, and to follow the community’s best practices.

At the end of these three days of training, participants will be able to build projects based on Sylius, from the application configuration to the development of specific modules.


  • PHP Developers
  • Technical project managers
  • Master the English language (This training is given only in English)


  • Development in PHP
  • Experience in Web development
  • Laptop computer to bring
  • This training is given only in English. The training materials will also be in English.

Plan de cours

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • What is Sylius?
  • Starting a New Project
  • Architecture overview
  • Understanding environments
  • Fundamentals
  • Working with Resources
  • Creating a custom Grid
  • Understanding the State Machine
  • Basic configuration
    • Using channels
    • Multi-currency handling
    • Configuring multiple locales
    • Customers, users & administrators
    • Addresses & geographical zones
    • Shipping & payment methods
  • Products, Carts & Orders
    • Structure of products
    • Attributes & associations
    • Orders processing & checkout
    • Shipments & payments processing
    • Promotions & coupons
    • Tax rates & categories

Day 2

  • Testing & BDD
    • Testing fundamentals
    • Introduction to PHPSpec
    • Customizing Sylius with Spec BDD workflow
    • Introduction to StoryBDD & Behat
    • Real-life usages of BDD within Sylius project

Day 3

  • Extending Sylius
    • Customizing data models, forms & controllers
    • Custom repository
    • Overriding the default look & feel
    • Sending emails
    • Using and creating data fixtures
    • Events
  • Creating Sylius plugin
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Méthode pédagogique

Before each training session, our trainers contact the participants to determine your objectives and whether to focus on a particular topic. This is the right time for you to talk to the trainer to help him/her better understand your objectives and the aspects you would like to see explored.

Throughout the training, the trainer will ensure the assimilation of knowledge by communicating with participants, answering their questions and controlling the appropriation of knowledge at the beginning, during and at the end of each training day.

The training manager will evaluate the training given, measure its effects, usefulness and added value through cold and hot satisfaction questionnaires.

  • Alternating lectures and practical work on individual machines
  • Theoretical contributions supported by case studies, role-playing, simulation exercises
  • A project as a common thread throughout the training, serving as a support for the proposed exercises
  • Collegial and individualized corrections for each practice


JoliCampus provides for the smooth running of the training:

  • An expert trainer in the field of development with Sylius, and having proven his ability to transmit his knowledge.
  • A quiet and bright room, adapted for this purpose and with an excellent internet connection.
  • Training materials (slides, exercises…) that can be retrieved by each participant.